Arvin Services Termite Treatment and Monitoring


Termite destruction.


Termites are smaller than an inch, yet cause an estimated $30 billion in damages in the United States every year. In fact, Termites cause more damage to homes in the US than fires, tornadoes, and earthquakes combined.

Being silent and hard to detect, termites can eat on the wood inside of your home for years before you realize you have a problem.

Identifying the problem.


Sometimes the signs of an active termite infestation are apparent; such as mud tubes and swarming termites. Other signs may also be apparent, such as noticing small wings of the same size beside one another, to termite droppings that appear as small pellets. However, in many cases the damage can be hidden inside walls and in attics and crawlspaces.


Considering many insurance plans fail to cover termite damage, if your suspect you have termites, or if you wish to enact preventative treatments, then Arvin Services is right for you.



We can help.


Once you contact us, we can provide a free over the phone estimate to you. Arvin Services also provides free in home inspections. Our specialist will survey your home to locate infestation signs, points of entry, damaged areas, and will enact a cost effective plan that will solve YOUR problem. When it comes to protecting against termites we offer two protection plans.


Termite Bait Stations - If you choose to protect your home with bait stations our technicians will install worry free baits across the exterior ground of your home designed to ward of termites. Our bait station plan includes the necessary monitoring of the stations four times a year, and free system maintenance.


Termidor® Soil Treatments - Termidor is consistently rated America's best termite defense product, proving to be effective even 16 years after treatment. A specialized soil treatment will be made along the perimeter of your home that will kill any termites entering the area. With only one yearly checkup required, this is the more effective and economic option.


Don't let your home be destroyed by waiting. Instead, call Arvin Services NOW.


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