Specializing in Termites


It’s not enough to provide the best service to your customers. When you are committed to a career in pest elimination, you need a speciality. Much that same as doctors choose an area or practice to focus on, Arvin Service has chosen to specialize in termite protection.


We offer Termidor® Termite Protection to our customers and all of our termite protection plans come with a renewable guarantee that includes annual inspections of the treated structure.


Why choose Arvin Services for your termite treatment?


1. We only use the soil treatments with Termidor®, the product with the most proven record for keeping homes free of termites.


2. Arvin Services warranty includes annual inspections to identify potential return of termite colonies.


3. Re-treatments are fully covered on guaranteed work.


4. Arvin Services is ready and available to answer any questions before, during, and after treatment.


Convenient, Effective and Guaranteed


Arvin Services uses Termidor® termite protection, and offers a full warranty that includes annual inspections to identify and prevent any recurrence.