Mosquitoes are more than just annoying, they are also deadly. Don't delay, and contact Arvin Services to rid your problem today.


The deadly mosquito.


When most people think about dangerous animals they think of lions and tigers and bears. But oh my, did you know that the mosquito is the most deadly animal on the planet, killing more than two million people every year and infecting countless others?


The Zika Virus and beyond.


The mosquito is more than an annoyance, and can leave behind more than just an itch. For years diseases such as West Nile have been spread by mosquitoes, causing neuro-invasive diseases including encephalitis and menengitis, accompanied by fever, headache, nausea, and even death.


Recently a new virus has started to appear in the United States called The Zika Virus. This disease is worrisome for there is no known vaccine or medicine to treat or prevent the Zika Virus. This disease can cause serious implications during pregnancy, and has been shown to cause a sickness of the nervous system.


Along with using insect repellents while out of your house, the CDC recommends that you take steps to control mosquitoes both inside and outside of your home.

Let us protect your home.


When you contact Arvin Services we will give you a free on the phone estimate, and will offer a free home inspection. Our specialist will survey your home to locate signs of mosquitoes, points of entry to your home, breeding areas, and will enact a cost effective plan that will solve your problem.


Using a specialized home barrier spray, a technician will treat the exterior of your property to both eliminate and repel mosquitoes that are nearby. Also during treatments, our specialist will remove or fix at risk breeding areas to help limit the return of these deadly pests.



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