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How moisture can harm you, and your home.


Having an overly damp crawlspace is already a detriment to the air quality in your home, but if left unchecked moisture will create a truly dangerous and unhealthy environment.


Moisture contained in and around your home, primarily in your foundation or crawl space, may lead to mold, fungi, and mildew. This can create unhealthy living conditions, and further increase the symptoms of those with asthma or allergies.


Over time, wood including the supports and floor joists rot due to the excessive moisture. And, termites thrive in and are attracted to these at risk areas. If left untreated, the damage of wood rot or termites can result in thousands of dollars in repairs, and can even make a home unsafe to live in.



How we solve your problem.


We recommend cleaning up the current problems and installing a vapor barrier to keep out moisture and bring the humidity down.


Our specialist will cover the interior of your crawlspace with a layer of material called a vapor barrier, that is designed to prevent moisture from damaging the lower walls and floors of your home. This material will keep water from clinging to your buildings surfaces, and allow for easier evaporation. Old barriers may need to be replaced if they have rotted and broken up over time.


A product called Timbor may also be recommended. Timbor is an anti-fungal agent that is sprayed on the wood to get rid of mold and rot, and to protect against further mold, rot, and certain pests. This product if enacted will help protect your home for years to come.


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