Bed bugs don't belong anywhere near you or your home. Let Arvin Services handle the problem today.


The dreaded bed bug.


With the possible exception of spiders, no pest seems to strike as much fear into the hearts of home owners as the dreaded bed bug. Tiny and nearly invisible, these bugs hide in the cracks of your mattress and head board and come out at night to feed on you as you sleep. Once your home is infested your sheets, your clothes, and even your carpet become home to these pests and their eggs. Nearly 50% of people develop a rash or reaction to the bites of bed bugs, and in some cases severe swelling, bleeding, and allergic reactions may occur causing the homeowner to require medical treatment. If you notice bed bugs in your home, the time to act is now.


What the competitors do.


When it comes to killing bed bugs, no one is better than Arvin Services. Most local competitors choose to only spray pesticides to rid your home of these pests. What they don't tell you is that according to a survey of companies, only 6.1% claim to be able to eliminate bed bugs in a single visit. Many companies pesticide treatments will take at minimum 2-3 treatments to solve your problem. This means that where you sleep, sit, walk, and eat will be covered in chemicals and you may have to do it all over again two more times.


What we do.


At Arvin Services, we choose to implement a more complete and comprehensive method that will kill all of the bed bugs in one day.


Our professionals will use a specialized heater and a series of powerful fans and ventilation ducts to quickly heat the home over 130°. Once the correct temperature is reached, both bed bugs and their eggs will die in a matter of hours. Our specialized treatment also saves your belongings. Unlike pure chemical treatments, which may require you to throw out your comfortable mattress or favorite chair, a heat treatment works both through and around your furniture. The typical heat treatment lasts only around 5-6 hours, and a second visit should not be necessary. However, Arvin Services does offer a 30 day guarantee to return to your home if a second treatment is required. Also, that warranty is included at no extra charge.


Don't enact time consuming DIY treatments that fail to treat all of the necessary areas, and don't hire someone to spray your home with chemicals that have names you can't even pronounce. Instead, contact Arvin Services to schedule your treatment for Indianapolis, Greenwood, Terre Haute, Washington, Vincennes, Jasper, Bloomington, Evansville, Petersburg, Loogootee, and most nearby locations in Southwestern & Central Indiana.




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